About the Commission

The Race Equality Commission was set up in January 2021, and was made up of 12 independent commissioners, from diverse backgrounds that broadly reflect the diversity of Ealing. The Commission was led by Lord Simon Woolley, founder of Operation Black Vote and President of Homerton College (Cambridge University), as Chair of the Commission.

Having listened extensively to local people, the Race Equality Commission has completed its programme of work and the Commission's report was published in January 2022.

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Meet the Commissioners

Lord Simon Woolley

Director and one of the founders of Operation Black Vote, a national and internationally renowned race equality organisation. He was also the chair of the government’s Race Disparity Unit’s advisory group from January 2018 to July 2020.

I’m really honoured to be in this role as chair of this commission at this extraordinary time, where Ealing Council, like many authorities around the country are looking at themselves and saying: ‘How can we be better?’ ‘How can we deliver services on a more equitable level and how can we be a beacon of good practise?’

Joanna Camadoo-Rothwell

Formerly Ealing Council’s cabinet member for community safety and inclusion.

We have a dynamic set of commissioners, including Ealing residents from a range of backgrounds and young people, who reflect our diverse community.

Ami Kourouma

Ami is a Safeguarding Apprentice for the Integrated Youth Service and passionate about giving young people a voice in relation achieving equality.

I want people of all backgrounds to be part of a conversation where their voice is going to help make recommendations that could be the start of building a more equal society

Lawand Omar

What I really want to bring into fruition is the experience of young people in the British education system, and to have real conversations about racism. I did a bit of research into other race commissions. I also looked at the Lammy report and I really want to bring the youth aspect into the commission.

Edmund Akeju

From West London Equality Centre, working on hate crime project and dealing with general case work, especially housing and family matters.

When people do not have access to opportunities which help them to function and excel, that is when outcomes and the ability to succeed in life is undermined.

Nicola Flash

Local secondary school biology teacher, passionate about racial equality and combating racism.

For it to be truly effective, we need everyone to understand and get involved – no matter your race, you can get involved. This is about making things better for everyone, not just ethnic minority groups, we need everyone to understand what is going on.

Rev Mark Poulson

Formerly a secondary school teacher in West Bromwich, a vicar in Southall and interfaith adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury; currently Convenor of Southall Faiths Forum and lead trainer of interfaith awareness and community relations for the Church of England in London.

Denise Charles

Head of Curriculum for Service Industries, West London College and member of management committee for local charity Descendants who work with children and young people (4-16) primarily of African and Caribbean descent.

It’s the residents that are facing these issues so we need residents to be involved to identify what the issues are so that we can remove these barriers and they are never faced again.

Edmond Yeo

Chairperson of the Chinese Information and Advice Centre in central London.

Ealing’s community is key to this commission, people need to share their thought, insights, and their experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant. We are here to not just listen to people but to make sure they are heard.

Mohan Luthra

Public policy consultant with experience of working in the voluntary sector in Ealing, national and local government.

This commissions substantial role is to listen to people, to find out how inequalities exist, and the systemic fine tuning required to break down these barriers.

Laura Forrester

Laura is a local government lawyer specialising in adult social care and a director of a community interest company. She is passionate about the principle of equality and fairness to all.

I want the best for everyone who lives in Ealing, the best outcomes for all people, to do that we need hear from local people about the challenges they are facing

Callum Anderson

Chairperson of Dormers Wells Learning Trust and governor at both Dormers Wells High School and West London College. He works as a government relations manager for a FTSE 100 company

People of all ages and backgrounds need to take part in this commission to tell us what they think, so we can understand what we need to prioritise. I want to hear people’s ideas on how we can solve these issues.

Meetings and Activities

To engage with people and inform the work of the Commission, a series of meetings took place around specific themes. A list and recording of these meetings can be found below.

Date Meeting/Activity Link/Information to either join live or listen to later
Thursday January 28th 2021 1st Commission Meeting – Introductions and terms of reference Terms of Reference
Thursday February 18th 2021 2nd Commission Meeting – Discussion on Health and Housing https://youtu.be/qxceh0kSEX4
Thursday April 22nd 2021 3rd Commission meeting – Discussion on Crime & Justice https://youtu.be/4XZrXpO1sJI
Thursday May 27th 2021 4th Commission Meeting – Discussion on  Income and Employment 
Thursday 24th June 2021 5th Commission Meeting –  Discussion on Education and Young people


Thursday 14th October 2021 6th Commission Meeting – Discussion on Participation and Democracy and Housing  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmfkKZnWAjU
Thursday 27th January 2022 7th Commission Meeting – Launch of the Race Equality Commission Recommendations Report https://youtu.be/5FGGCg-f_TE